Culture enrichment classes are offered between 11am and noon during the Culture hour.  These classes are designed to offer our children an intensive, hands-on exposure to various sports, dance, art & craft forms with the intent of giving them a flavor and appreciation of our rich Indian culture.  Children currently enrolled in Culture classes are required to take enrichment classes.  These classes are open to children of Sanskriti Members for a nominal fee. The last day of school  will include a showcase of what the children have learned in enrichment. The following classes are offered:

Traditional Art Forms

Art enrichment students will explore a variety of Indian art including some popular folk and tribal art forms.  

Age group: Level 1 - 5 - 9 years

Age group: Level 2 - 10 - 14 years


Sports will focus on a variety of Indian Sports. Lessons will focus on teaching the rules, skills and technique of playing Carrom, Cricket, Lagori, Kabaddi and other sports of Indian origin. 

Age group: 5 - 13 years


Dance is an integral component of Indian culture. Typically, in folk dances, the hero or heroine performs with a troupe of supporting dancers. Many song and dance routines in Indian films feature dramatic shifts of location and changes of costume between verses of a songIn this enrichment course, children will learn a dance routine to popular regional dances or Bollywood dance with an emphasis on having fun.  

Age group: Level 1 5 - 9 years

Age group: Level 2: 9 - 13 years


In this class students will have the opportunity to cook delicious, healthy, and quick vegetarian Indian dishes. Research shows that children are more likely to eat healthy meals if they are involved in preparing them. This class will be a fun way for students to get their hands "dirty" while cooking and then enjoy the yummy dishes they prepare. Students will also learn the basics of various spices used in Indian cooking as well as the regional difference between Indian cuisines.

Please note: Students will engage in some chopping in this class. Most of the cooking will be done using an oven or electric skillet.

Age: 7-13 years


In this class students will work on their dramatic skills to perform various roles in a short Indian themed play.  Students will be taught to direct their focus, intent, and motivation to create and sustain a character.  The goal is to get children comfortable performing on stage and immersing themselves into a character.

Age: 7-13 years  



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