Table Tennis

Sanskriti’s Table Tennis program presents an excellent opportunity to play the game, have fun, and provides a fantastic opportunity to network! We play every Monday singles or doubles games at Matchpoint Table Tennis Center from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. 

Table Tennis Tournament:

Each year, sometime in the winter, Sanskriti table tennis committee plans a tournament which is immensely popular. 

2023 tournament

Sanskriti’s Table Tennis program presents an excellent opportunity to play the game, have fun, have an amazing workout and provides a fantastic networking opportunity!

We completed our 8th annual Table Tennis tournament in March 2023.

Over 180 players took part in the tournament in six different categories and played over 1200 games.

Following were the winners and runner up of the tournament:

Youth Singles:

Winner: Ishan Rangdal

Runner up: Neel Gupta

Youth Doubles:

Winner: Ishan Rangdal & Riaan Lodha

Runner up: Saketh Narayanan & Ethan Golamari

Women’s Singles:

Winner: Rachitha Kartha

Runner up: Jasmine Naidu

Men’s Singles:

Winner: Ball Crushers

Captain: Shuvradeep Mukherjee

Team members: Praveen Bhushan, Sachin Chonkar, Ankit Chaudhary, Vivek Kumar, Shravan Mukka, Mayank Sanghvi

Runner up Team: Thunders

Captain: Harsh Joshi

Team members: Ananth Nagdir, Pranay Arya, Nilesh Shah, Raghuram Ananthasayana, Amit Patel, Rohit Sinha

Men’s Doubles:

Group A

Winner: Sundara Venkataraman and Kanaka Rakesh Kothapalli

Runner up: Tanay Tandon and Raghuram Ananthasayana

Group B

Winner: Sanjeev Balu and Jigar Shukla

Runner up: Neil Batra and Vin Batra

This event was chaired by Ketan Bhuptani with support from the Table Tennis Committee members Harsh Parikh, Niraj Muni, and Sanjeev Balu. We thank them for their time and their dedication.

2022 tournament

Over the weekend of March 26th and 27th, Sanskriti of NJ hosted an intense sporting event, playing Table Tennis for 11 hours over two days.

There were 18 winners in six different formats- Singles and Doubles for Kids, Men & Women category. 

This event was chaired by Ketan Bhuptani with support from the Table Tennis Committee members Harsh Parikh, Niraj Muni, and Sanjeev Balu. We thank them for their time and their dedication.

Planning and executing such large scale sporting event is not possible without the help of our committed volunteers: Nilesh Shah, Mayur Matai, Abhishek Gangwal, Shuvradeep Mukherjee, Anand Singh, Ani Karmarkar, Chanchal Kala, Kaustubh Hardikar and all of those who became a referee and helped out with scoring! A HUGE Thank You to all!

Special thanks to Dr. Satish Mullick and Mr. Deepak Sethi, one of our oldest participants, for attending and presenting awards to winners. We also remembered our star players Shiv Kulkarni and Mr Rajendar Madan fondly. We will miss them.

Winners of Sanskriti Table Tennis Tournament 2022: 

Kid’s Singles:

Winner: Saketh Narayanan Runner up Ishan Rangdal

Kid’s Doubles:

Winner: Ishan Rangdal and Neel Gupta Runner up Saketh Narayanan and Anvit Jain

Most Energetic Player- Shiv Kulkarni award:
Winner: Jaiman Arora

Women’s Singles:

Winner: Riya Karmarkar Runner up Mini Sandeep

Women’s Doubles: 

Winner: Mini Sandeep and Neha Garg

Men’s Singles:

Winner: The Swat Team 

Captain: Sanjeev Balu 

Team members: Praveen Bhushan, Mani Krishnamurthy, Sandeep Kothapalli, Vin Batra, Sachin Chonker, Shravan Mukka

Runner up 

team: Muflis Blind All in v2

Captain: Rahul Shah

Team members: Ankit Bawa, Vijaybhaskarreddy Golamari, Mohit Narula, Akshay Lodha, Hrishikesh Pippadipally, Saurabh Kohli

Men’s Doubles:

Group A
Winner: Ankit Bawa and Shiva Thirthahalli
Runner up Rahul Shah and Shiraz Abbasi

Group B

Winner: Kanaka Rakesh Kothapalli and Vikram Sahai

Runner up Sandeep Kothapalli and Anand Krishnamurthy

Congratulations to all winners and runner up players!

We thank our sponsors for their support:

Jayani Parikh, CPA

Code Ninja

Rachna Maheshwari - Realtor @Coldwell Banker Realty

Tournament Committee is very grateful for your response - thank you!

-Harsh Parikh, Niraj Muni, Sanjeev Balu and Ketan Bhuptani!

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