IndiaFest 2023 Vendor FAQs

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What is the cost of the space/vendor booth at the festival?

$50 for a booth. Limited premium spots available for $75.

What are premium spots versus regular spots?

Premium spots are located at a premium location with respect to the flow of the set-up although regular spots also have good access.

Can Vendors get their own canopy?

Yes, you are free to get your own canopy.  We do not provide canopies.

Will you provide the table to vendors and how long will it be?

Yes, we provide one 6ft or 8ft long table along with a plastic tablecloth. Length of the table will depend on your needs.

Can Vendors share their booth with other vendor booths?

No, vendors may not share their booth with any other vendors.

What is the cost of the food stalls at the festival?

$125 (without canopy)

Does food stalls need food permits?

Yes, you need to fill the form (available here) for Food Permit Application and submit to Livingston Health department. You are responsible for their fee which is $75.

Do you provide table and chairs for food vendors?

Yes, we provide 3 tables that are 8ft. long (no canopy).  We will also provide 2 chairs.

Can I get exclusive right to my vendor booth?

No, no vendor gets exclusive rights. 

Can I pick where I want to be placed at the event?

No, we will assign the spots to all vendors.

What is the address for the IndiaFest?

We will be at the Gazebo by the Livingston Oval.  The address is 7-9 Civic Center Rd, Livingston, NJ 07039

What time should the vendors come to set up their table?

Vendors can come to set up 1.5 hours before the start of the event.  All vendors MUST be set up by 3:15pm.  Vendors who need to load and unload will be able to park for 20 min to unload near the set up area.  A parking pass will be given to each vendor upon arrival.  Once 20 min time is up, vendors must move their vehicle and park in designated parking areas.

What are the designated parking areas?

You can park anywhere along the oval, in the madonna drive parking lot, in the library parking lot or at the St. Philomena Church Parking lot next door. 

Will we be assigned booths?

Yes, look for your vendor name on the tables.  We will have vendor spots preassigned.

Is there a deadline to register for booths?

Yes, you can register up until August 6th for vendors booth and food stalls but if we reach capacity before that, we will close the registration. 

If registration closes, do I have other options?

If registration for vendor booth is closed, you still have sponsorship option or you have option for giving us gift cards and certificates which we will give out to the audience all through the event.

Since it is an outdoor event, do you have a rain date?

No we do not have a rain date.  In case of rain, we will move the event indoors to the Livingston High School building.  The decision will be made and all vendors will be informed by Saturday evening.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

We will offer 50% refund if cancellation request is sent before August 1st.  After that, no refunds will be offered as it will be difficult for us to fill your spot. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I pay by check?

No, all vendor registrations and payments have to be done online using a credit card.  We accept all major credit cards.    

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