Next Sambandh meet is planned for July 21st

Stay tuned for registration link and event details 

Sambandh is club for Seniors who are 55 and over
. We 
would like to take this opportunity to Thank all the Seniors in inspiring and supporting our initiative. 

Our seniors have created several Sub Groups for various Hobbies. Please Email us at if you are interested in getting more information about any of these groups. You can meet all group leaders in person, during any of our events to gather more details about individual groups and their activities.

Listed below are separate WhatsApp groups with the names of leaders who run each hobby, to join any of these WhatsApp group, please email us :  

  1. Core Sambandh Seniors group: WhatsApp group where share information on upcoming events. 
  2. Sambandh Helpline Email : Only for non-emergency health needs if you do not have adequate insurance coverage: 
  3. Healers Group : Led by Ashok and Naina Rochlani WhatsApp group available to join 
  4. DIY Group (Do it Yourself) : Led by Ashwin Parikh
  5. Taash Group -  Led by Kirit Kothari : WhatsApp group available to join
  6. Ladies Table Tennis Group :  Led by Pratima Ghadiali - WhatsApp group available to join
  7. Bridge Cards Group -  Led by Dr. Vijaya Deshpande- WhatsApp group available to join 
  8. Morning Walk Group -  Led by Sudesh Sood: WhatsApp group available to join
  9. Yoga Group -  Led by Ravi Rustagi : WhatsApp group available 
  10. Gardening Group  - Led by Deva Raheja : WhatsApp group available to join
  11. Volunteers Group - This WhatsApp group is for communicating with our volunteers for various activities for Sambandh events.  
  12. Sambandh club email list is available for those who prefer to be emailed. 



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