SUJAAGRising Together 

(Collective Awakening) 

Welcome to SUJAAG!

SUJAAG is an initiative that began in an effort to build a better community, one where we not only survive the various factors impacting us and our lives, but one where we thrive together and create a more welcoming, more involved community for our future generations.


In July 2021, we lost a sweet 14-year-old boy, Shiv Kulkarni to mental illness. Shiv was a brilliant young teen who identified as gay and struggled with feeling accepted amongst his peers and community. This incident hit close to home and shook us to our core. While Shiv is no longer with us, he left a strong legacy behind, reminding us to focus on the power of a community where everyone feels welcome and safe.

Inspired by this incident, we realized that we need to have open conversations within our community on various topics that are not typically discussed. We hope to create a supportive and inclusive community by exchanging ideas and sharing resources. 

We are excited to bring you our newest initiative:

SUJAAG - Rising together.

A Hindi wordSujaag means awareness or awakening. The mission of Sujaag is to create a safe space to discuss topics that are typically taboo in our community. We aim to bring in everyday people as well as experts to shed light on a variety of topics and have candid discussions so we can all grow and learn from each other.

The events will be FREE to attend and we urge you to share this very important and timely initiative with your friends and family. 

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