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Love Cricket Dil Se! "(Love Cricket from the heart (Dil Se))!"

Ladies typically do not have sports hardwired in them. Our priorities have never been sports. There is always work, household duties, families, kids, etc. to take care of. Time to break out of that norm.

In appreciation of the Indian Women’s Cricket team reaching the Finals of the Women’s ICC World Cup, Sanskriti initiated the idea of having a Women’s Cricket game in August 2017. A group of ladies got the opportunity to mingle and play healthy competitive cricket. The ladies who joined, realized how wonderful it felt to get active. The tournament resulted in the creation of a “Ladies cricket group”. The idea is to go out there, get some fresh air, exercise, and come back rejuvenated. It is a great community feeling of togetherness. “Ladies that play together stay together.”

Come, join, and watch us in action every Saturday from 7.30 AM - 9.30 AM on the Sanskriti cricket field at Basin near Northland Pool Park in Livingston. Cricket is highly contagious, and we hope you will catch this fever!

Apart from Ladies Cricket, the Women’s Sports group was also initiated. Some of the sports currently being played are - badminton, pickleball, throwball, biking and hiking. There are weekly schedules for each activity. Each activity has a lead. These activities would not have been possible without the cooperative effort of all the enthusiastic sports loving ladies.

We welcome you all to join our sports community and most importantly participate in any activity of your choice. To participate please contacts: Runa S Deshmukh: roons_15@hotmail.com, 551-482-3706 (Please contact via email or Whatsapp only).

Further Leather ball cricket was introduced in June 2021 – since then, the women’s team has exceeded their own levels every day with their hard work commitment and urge to excel every session and are now ready for their first game on Saturday July 10th in Maryland.

Ladies Cricket team coached by Milind Sapre with a vision to have Livingston Women/Girls represent the USA Cricket Team in the near future.

Excellent coaching on a daily basis by Raj Rajendran, Viral Patel, Nilesh Shah, Adnan Rangeela, Nilesh Mhatre, and supported by other cricket members – Sirsij Peshin, Mayur Matai, Abhishek Gangwal, Anil Jaladi, Nikhil Dhurandhar and Shailesh Borkar.

Livingston Mayor Shawn Klein during the 4th July watched the Womens play and mentioned  “Cricket in Livingston. A 4th of July tradition and pleasure to be with all of our friends. Our women/girls team will be playing this coming weekend in Maryland! Good luck!!“

You may watch all the matches live on Facebook – please look for the Women’s Cricket team pages on the Sanskriti website.

Live video links as below

iPhone users: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sportzverze/id1563075726

Android Users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sanskriticricketfield

Please install the app from the respective stores. Once you install the app. 

Follow the steps after you install the app

1. Open the app

2. When prompted for phone# use: 1234567890

3. When prompted for 6 digit code: 123456

4. Look for the Event by its title, once you have identified it

You should see a red icon (similar to youtube) if there are any recordings/ Live streaming.

Click on it, and you should see all the videos for that event. The Live video would specifically have Live in red mentioned next to it.

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